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  • Cheeserland | Live Squid in Saga Prefecture 30 May '16, 7am

    During our trip to Nagasaki earlier this March, we had one day free after our overnight stay in Huis Ten Bosch, so the danna asked if I wanted to visit Saga prefecture, which is about just half an hour drive away from Sasebo, where Huis Ten Bosch is located.

  • Cheeserland | CNP Laboratory Propolis 21 May '16, 7am

    April 20, 2016 in Commercial Break Introducing a new range of skin care from CNP today! Propolis, the life source of honeycomb has been quite a popular health and beauty ingredient lately, I am using a Propolis-infused toothpaste! And now I’m adding this ingredient into my skincare ro...

  • Cheeserland | How to Be a Successful Blogger (Cheat One™) 14 May '16, 7am

    How to Be a Successful Blogger (Cheat One™) May 6, 2016 in Comments Off on How to Be a Successful Blogger (Cheat One™) Thank you for coming to this page! This eBook is published in April, 2016, and it is the grand finale of my Cheat One™ blogging career. It is a vaguely funny and badl...

  • Cheeserland | My “KonMari” wardrobe makeover 05 May '16, 1pm

    She said that we should think of it like a Japanese bento box. Everything is arranged compact, beautiful and colorful to enhance appetite (in this case, joy). And then no matter how boring folding clothes used to be for one, it is now a pleasurable activity to do. And she was right. J...

  • The Guide to Sox Coordinate: by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

    Cheeserland | The Guide to Sox Coordinate: by rosebullet Edit Tokyo 03 Apr '16, 9pm

    IKR!!! It used to be the ultimate fashion faux pas, but i guess there’s really no such thing as wrong fashion. Just personal taste. I personally loooove sox with sandals (not to mention it was crazily trending in Japan for a long while in summer. Actually, it was trending well into au...

  • Cheeserland | Universal Cool Japan 2016 22 Jan '16, 4pm

    Universal Studio Japan is located in Osaka, Japan. If you have been there recently, you would have known that they have a lot more attractions in recent year!! The last time i was there was in 2012, and when i came back this time around, i felt like it has expanded sooooo much with so...

  • Cheeserland | The Helper 01 Apr '16, 4pm

    I live in the philippines, I am your long time reader

  • Cheeserland | Tokyo Dome City: Asobono 13 Apr '16, 2pm

    I have blogged about Inzai Fantasy Kids Resort before in Chiba, it’s too far to travel there so we looked for a them park nearer to us in Tokyo, and decided to go to Tokyo Dome City’s ASObono, one of the largest indoor kids theme parks in Tokyo.

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