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    Cheeserland | One day as a mom 10 Jul '14, 1pm

    Everybody does it themselves. Lucky ones have family to help out, but millions of Japanese moms probably do it alone all the time. Right after delivery, they do all the cooking, grocery, housework, taking care of their child (sometimes more than one child!) while their husband work ti...

  • New blog post♡Baby Holiday!

    Cheeserland | Baby Holiday♡ 27 Jun '14, 6am

    So for one whole month (or however long i want to take this Baby Holiday for), all i will do is to spend time with my baby, stare at him when he is awake or half awake, do some of my own things (like errr… write this blog post?) while he sleeps, take selfies with him for future precio...

  • Happening Healthy & Happy Pregnancy gathering with Cheesie and the experts! Check it out here

    Cheeserland | Yakult Happy & Healthy Pregnancy 29 May '14, 2am

    Yakult is not only perfectly safe for pregnant women to consume as part of their normal, balanced diet, it can also help prevent constipation (like my case) and also help boost the immune system, which may be weakened in pregnancy and can lead to urinary tract infections, yeast infect...

  • Preparing for your baby arrival? Looking for ideas to decorate your baby room? Check out Cheesie's blog!

    Cheeserland | Baby’s Room 02 Jun '14, 7am

    It’s been a long way and after so many months of taking care of myself, it was finally time we prepared for the Arrival Day : setting up the Baby’s Room. I am officially in my full term pregnancy now, which also means the baby is going to give us a surprise any day any time now! 37 we...

  • New Tokyo photo post up!

    Cheeserland | Harajuku, Qpot & Yoroniku 01 Jun '14, 6am

    I’m really having some beef with the beef sold in Malaysia. Sorry for the pun. Went to Gyukaku the other day (was craving Yakiniku like mad), it was supposed to be a popular (and relatively cheap and lower grade) chain store in Japan, but coming to Malaysia the beef is of such shitty ...

  • KL Fashion Week Ready To Wear 2014

    Cheeserland | KL Fashion Week Ready To Wear 2014 02 Jun '14, 7am

    KL Fashion Week Ready To Wear 2014 June 2, 2014 in Commercial Break Are you ready for KL Fashion Week 2014? In Tokyo i attended so many cool fashion events! It would be really nice to go to one of the biggest fashion shows in Malaysia and get a different feel of it and learn about dif...

    1. Week #25 02 Jun '14, 8am
  • new blog post:

    Cheeserland | Preggo Coordinate 3 25 May '14, 5am

    So i’m getting a maternity/baby bag because i need one!! It’s so hard to pick a choice from all the seasonal colors, but when in doubt, consult the danna lol. He texted back and said i should stick with safe colors, so i picked the classy mineral blue because i may end up carrying it ...

  • blogged!! Photo post: everything pinkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Cheeserland | Sakura and all things pink III 15 Apr '14, 7am

    Needless to say, April is my absolute favorite month to visit Japan, not only i get to have an excuse to buy myself a birthday present (air tickets to japan), the whole country is also in-your-face-pink. Even people who hates pink, too bad, you just have to accept your fate, there’s n...

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