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  • #Yakult is organizing Happy & Healthy Pregnancy event at Eastin Hotel, PJ this May! Wanna join? Get ur info @cheesie

    Cheeserland | Pregnant Mom Get-together! 18 Apr '14, 12pm

    Preggo mamas need friends! I’m inviting those of you who are pregnant too to come for a sharing session with me! Okay, more on that later. Anyway, i realized i haven’t updated much on baby news! I have never been busier after coming back from Japan. There’s a whole month worth of work...

  • blogged!! Photo post: everything pinkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Cheeserland | Sakura and all things pink III 15 Apr '14, 7am

    Needless to say, April is my absolute favorite month to visit Japan, not only i get to have an excuse to buy myself a birthday present (air tickets to japan), the whole country is also in-your-face-pink. Even people who hates pink, too bad, you just have to accept your fate, there’s n...

  • Blogged! Check out @KIEI_Tokyo , an online fashion store that ships worldwide! Full blog post review here:

    Cheeserland | KIEI TOKYO 12 Apr '14, 1am

    There are several categories you can choose from, depending on your style of fashion, and once you order your items, they will ship it directly to you, and you pay the same retail price as in Japan,(during promotion, they even offer free worldwide shipping!!) Shopping for Japanese fas...

  • Blogged! Cheat One Coordinate in Tokyo

    Cheeserland | Preggo Coordinate Cheat One™ 08 Apr '14, 9am

    Here’s a photo collection of all the coordinates during my trip in Tokyo so far! It’s a month’s worth so it’s really the biggest collection ever (wa talk until like big fashion show like that lol). It’s quite amazing how when you come to Japan, you won’t even think about slacking for ...

  • check this out Cheeserland | Tokyo Fashion Week 2014: It's impossible to have a boring day in... #fashion #trends

    Cheeserland | Tokyo Fashion Week 2014 20 Mar '14, 3pm

    It’s impossible to have a boring day in Tokyo, especially in spring where the whole city is buzzing with pink sakura delight and endless fashion events!! So today the girls and i attended the first show Stretsis Autumn Winter 2014/15 (it’s crazy to keep up with world fashion! barely e...

  • New blog post: update on EMODA outfits!!!

    Cheeserland | EMODA March 2014 28 Mar '14, 3pm

    I am so so excited for their upcoming EMODA X Marilyn Monroe special collaboration. There are cherry prints, lots of yummy cherry red and it’s just really sexy, which is so rare coming from EMODA!

  • Epic Japan post--The ultimate 100 FAQ:

    Cheeserland | The Ultimate 100 FAQ about Japan 08 Mar '14, 3am

    I used to answer really nicely and give suggestions because talking about Japan alone makes me happy, but recently i’m doing that less because when i do, 90% of the time i don’t even get a reply or some sort just to say “thank you” or something along that line, so i started to feel li...

  • Cheeserland | China Day 3 – WuXi 30 Mar '14, 5pm

    The Ultimate 100 FAQ about Japan German toilets are horrible When life gives you bittergourd TV Show with Akashiya Sanma San The Most Pungent Blog Post Making Instagram Popular Page Why i Love Japan Eating A Live Squid Eye Sakura and All Things Pink Your Best Fashion Blog 4 Countries ...

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