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  • Cheeserland | 5 months 11 Nov '14, 5am

    They also have really friendly and knowledgeable staff (very important!!!) who would help you with products demo/try on/explanations. There’s a baby store within walking distance from where i stay but i never go there, unless i really really need to (run out of milk storage bags!!!), ...

  • Cheeserland | cheesie X Love, Bonito 26 Oct '14, 5am

    @jenny at first I thought the fabric was also too thin and looks cheap. But when you look at the first photo, the one witj cheesie x bonito, you can see the quality is good. Its because pictures cannot capture the texture of clothes. I learned that through online shopping, when my ite...

  • 日本の番組でも活躍中!マレーシアの人気ブロガーもSBGを利用ちゅ~☆

    Cheeserland | Danna coordinate 03 Nov '14, 4am

    First numbing cream was applied on my face to minimize discomfort, and then Dr Elson started my Twinlight laser treatment. They say that the laser is like rubber band snapping on your face but i would say it’s way less scary than it sounds. And the pain level is very very tolerable. A...


    Cheeserland | Oui, Ayano Ruban & dinner with Yuria & lost doggies 28 Sep '14, 6am

    The red one is Kiddie and blue for adults! Those of you who have little ones for sure are very conscious about hygiene. Instead of using sanitizers to clean your hands after touching a dirty objects, why not protect yourself BEFORE you even get exposed to it? Bio Shield contains all n...

  • そういう事かーうまいなーw / Dyson Sucks

    Cheeserland | Dyson Sucks 18 Oct '14, 7am

    October 18, 2014 in Commercial Break For the first time it is actually a compliment. It is true, the tagline for their latest cordless vacuum is “Sucks up as much dust as even a corded vacuum”. So i never thought i would be blogging about a vacuum. That’s right, just got myself a Dyso...

  • Dear Combi Malaysia, this is why your sales sucked. Please do yourself a favor by firing that staff. Honestly.

    Cheeserland | Playing Game, Be Back Soon 09 Aug '14, 2pm

    This is not a pretty post, but a pretty upset post. Today the danna took a day off his super busy schedule so that we could go buy some baby products we needed. We wanted to get something from Combi so we went to Mid Valley. We always wanted to try out Combi because it is a reliable a...

  • New blog post

    Cheeserland | With love from Japan 08 Aug '14, 10am

    So this was the longest we were apart ever since we got married. My mom came to stay with me while he was away so taking care of the baby was a breeze, but i was mostly bitter about all the nice things i couldn’t have in Japan. Although it was a little worse for him cuz what he couldn...

  • Pocket Wifi for Japan trip

    Cheeserland | Pocket Wifi for Japan trip 06 Aug '14, 8pm

    2. All the Pocket Wifi devices i have ever rented for my trips other than Japan are all from this H brand, which honestly is quite shit. The battery life is so short you will have to bring a power bank (or two!) all the time or charge it every 3-4 hours. I always got so worried i had ...

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