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  • Cool, love organics

    Acne Reducing, Scar-Fading & Brightening DIY Mask

    bubzbeauty.com 24 Jul '14, 8pm

    Today, I’m going to show you guys how to create an Orange Peel mask. This mask is loaded with nutrients to protect the skin from free radical damage. It boosts the skin’s defense system and it’s AMAZING for treating acne, acne scars, absorbing excess sebum from oily skin and nourishin...

    1. DIY Pumpkin Face Mask michellephan.com 23 Jul '14, 10pm
  • New Diary Post! Hello from Me:

    Hello from Me!

    bubzbeauty.com 21 Jul '14, 7am

    Few days ago, Chubbi knocked a huge glass of water over my laptop and pretty much KO'ed my laptop. At that moment, I was mad at her. Why is she always climbing up the table? Because she knows that we use the table to eat so she's always wondering if there's food there. It was my fault...

  • Only 8 weeks until I meet you, Isaac!

    32 Week Pregnancy Vlog

    bubzbeauty.com 13 Jul '14, 11am

    The back pain came out of no where. I usually don't like to use the word excruciating but I think this word certainly applies to my back pain. It's not a muscle ache so baths and warm compresses don't do anything. Stretching doesn't seemto help either. It feels as if my back is about ...

  • Summer Goddess Look:

    Summer Goddess

    bubzbeauty.com 11 Jul '14, 1pm

    For today's makeup tutorial, here is a refreshing bright eyed look with a pop of colour for Summer. It looks playful but still remains very soft. This gorgeous look demonstrate how you can work with colour without makeup looking heavy. This look puts me in a happy bright mood for the ...



    bubzbeauty.com 12 Apr '14, 3am

    I’m mega excited today because guess what? I’M STARTING MY OWN TAG!!! *throws glitter* This may sound lame but I love doing tags. I think they're really fun. However, I've always wanted to start my own tag. As silly as it sounds, it took me months to come up with this one. I'm gonna b...

  • My Current Favourite To-Go Hairstyle ^_~ Gotta love bouncy hair <3

    BOUNCY Hair with Straighteners

    bubzbeauty.com 04 Mar '14, 4am

    So while I'm resting up, let me share a new hair tutorial with you guys. This is my favourite to-go hairstyle right now. This hairstyle is actually very popular in Asian right now. In fact, I'm seeing a lot of girls perming their hair this way. Why perm when you can use a pair of stra...

  • BubzBeauty - Tim's G-Dragon Transformation it's very funny lol

    Tim's G-Dragon Transformation

    bubzbeauty.com 26 May '14, 5am

    It’s finally here. Tim’s G-Dragon “Transformation” video! We’re so sorry it took so long. Believe it or not, quite a few of you have mentioned that Tim has a slight resemblance to G-Dragon from Big Bang. It happens so frequently that he sometimes calls himself "T-Dragon”…cough. We bot...

  • Finally, a FUN tag video that can also EMPOWER girls!!!


    bubzbeauty.com 13 Feb '14, 12pm

    Alright. Let me crawl back into bed. It's been a mega lazy day. I blame the cold weather in Hong Kong. This month has been both roasting and also freezing. I know some of you are experiencing immense storm/snow so I have no right to complain so I apologise! I can only think of the poo...