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  • @bubzbeauty Bubz, can you PLEASE tell me what the video is on this post (it wont open) :( I'm dying to know! Thx

    DREAM HIGH!!!!

    bubzbeauty.com 18 Apr '14, 7am

    You guys are going to think I’m crazy but I have spent 15 hours of my 24 hour day watching Dream High. I decided to do an all-nighter and instead of sleeping, I was on a super k-drama marathon catching up episode after episode. If you haven’t watched it yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I high...



    bubzbeauty.com 12 Apr '14, 3am

    I’m mega excited today because guess what? I’M STARTING MY OWN TAG!!! *throws glitter* This may sound lame but I love doing tags. I think they're really fun. However, I've always wanted to start my own tag. As silly as it sounds, it took me months to come up with this one. I'm gonna b...


    bubzbeauty.com 18 Apr '14, 7am

    I have been non-stop today trying to catch up on work I've missed while I've been away for the weekend to Thailand (Thailand Vlog coming up). I got back last night and as wonderful as the trip was, I was absolutely EXHAUSTED haha. Dark circles are as crazy as ever but looks like it's ...

    1. New In ohsofickle.blogspot.com 18 Apr '14, 1am
  • Week 17 Pregnancy Vlog

    Week 17 Pregnancy Vlog

    bubzbeauty.com 01 Apr '14, 11am

    I'm gaining weight fast, I'm always hungry yet never know what I want, my bones are clicking all over and the baby is moving constantly. We also know the gender (well 60-70% sure). We will be more sure in a couple weeks and I can finally shop for our baby's wardrobe =')

  • Catching up on our favorite blogs & just read a touching update from @bubzbeauty. Tons of love to you + Baby Bubz! xo

    The Hardest Day of my Life

    bubzbeauty.com 31 Mar '14, 9pm

    On 28th February, I probably had one of the worse days of my life. I was told that our baby was screen positive in the NT scan. Our baby was in the high risk category for down syndrome. I wasn't told much but just that we would have to wait a whole week before we can see a doctor. On ...

  • March Fav Video 2014!

    March Favourites 2014

    bubzbeauty.com 30 Mar '14, 2pm

    I missed you guys! I'm excited to share my March Favourites with you guys. I want to apologise for missing out my February video. To make up for things, I have some really wonderful products to share with you all today.

  • My Current Favourite To-Go Hairstyle ^_~ Gotta love bouncy hair <3

    BOUNCY Hair with Straighteners

    bubzbeauty.com 04 Mar '14, 4am

    So while I'm resting up, let me share a new hair tutorial with you guys. This is my favourite to-go hairstyle right now. This hairstyle is actually very popular in Asian right now. In fact, I'm seeing a lot of girls perming their hair this way. Why perm when you can use a pair of stra...

  • 15 Week Pregnancy Vlog

    Week 15 Pregnancy Vlog

    bubzbeauty.com 17 Mar '14, 2pm

    15 weeks and all is good! No wonder they say the second trimester is the best one. Now sporting a mini bump so it's obvious I'm pregnant but I haven't gotten to the humungous stage yet. I got all my energy back. My hair is thicker than ever and my nails are growing at lightning speed....