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  • Crystal: Weather or Not: Hoping for another “Miracle Saturday” https://t.co/zsMuPzjPCL

    Weather or Not: Hoping for another "Miracle Saturday"

    blogcrystal.com 11 Feb '16, 8pm

    For the past three weekends, Crystal Mountain has been blessed with miracles. Three Fridays in a row we’ve had rainy, soggy, extremely windy storms turn cold and calm just in time to lay down enough snow for a powder Saturday. The weather gods might be trying to tell us something here...

  • Photo of the day: Just taking in the view

    blogcrystal.com 11 Feb '16, 11am

    The contributers to the world's first Ski Patrol Blog live, work and play at Crystal Mountain, Washington, in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest right next to Mount Rainier National Park.

  • Check out our new Dirtbag Royalty!

    Introducing Our New Dirtbag Royalty – Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol

    blogcrystal.com 29 Mar '16, 4pm

    This season’s honorees are no exception. These two have both dedicated their lives to Crystal. Your new DB King is Arlington Ashby. You know him from the Snorting Elk, where he has either a) served you a drink at the bar with an enviable efficiency and/or b) showed you the door becaus...

  • Our New Crystal Mountain Patrol Director

    Our New Crystal Mountain Patrol Director

    blogcrystal.com 11 Mar '16, 11pm

    The Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol is proud to announce a new patrol director. Kim Kircher is stepping up to fill some big shoes and we are all excited to be here when she does. Paul Baugher, who has steered this large ship of patrol for the past 35 years is planning on retiring from the...

  • Photo of the Day: Foreign Exchange

    Photo of the Day: Foreign Exchange

    blogcrystal.com 02 Mar '16, 9pm

    Photo of the Day: Foreign Exchange By Kim Kircher on March 2nd, 2016 Posted in Avalanche Hazard , Photo of the Day It’s been a great week up here so far with our comrades from Fernie. Thanks guys for helping us make avalanches this morning! Tweet Like Email Print Comment Tags: Bridger...

  • Snow Grooming: Making Perfect Corduroy

    Snow Grooming: Making Perfect Corduroy

    blogcrystal.com 19 Jan '16, 7pm

    Of all the jobs at a ski area, grooming the slopes at night might be the best one. You get to sculpt the slopes into perfect strips of corduroy at night, then rip them up the next morning. Snow-cat drivers know when the slopes are at their prime. When Bruce Engdahl, Crystal’s lead win...

  • Lift Line Maintenance: Making 6s

    Lift Line Maintenance: Making 6s

    blogcrystal.com 27 Jan '16, 1am

    On busy days at Crystal you might see ski patrollers doing “line maintenance” at the bottom of Forest Queen. Essentially we are trying to get groups of six onto each chair to help the line move faster. Forest Queen is an enormous chairlift with an uphill capacity of 3600 people per ho...

  • Avi Dog Shot Glasses

    Avi Dog Shot Glasses

    blogcrystal.com 29 Jan '16, 6pm

    FUN FACT : It can help build your confidence for skiing steeper terrain, to see what it looks like with no snow on it. Seriously! What’s concave. What’s convex. Where the rocks are jagged so edge gingerly early-season, and where the ground is smooth so you can confidently check your s...