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T.: Is blog.friday-nite.com going the way of ispyshanghai.com and dinglespeaks. com? We never did find out if dingle... Swiss James: Kia is ...

  • I just posted Fortune Cookie – American Chinese Food In Shanghai!, read it here:

    Fortune Cookie – American Chinese Food In Shanghai! |

    blog.friday-nite.com 05 Aug '13, 6am

    I cannot vouch for “authenticity”, the food was tasty and well prepared (and of course, you won’t find a bone of any kind in any of the dishes!). The bigger surprise for me was the service. For a place that’s been open barely a month, the service was excellent. All the servers seemed ...

    1. Shanghai, Then And Now blog.friday-nite.com 08 Aug '13, 6am
  • I just posted Beautiful Bali, read it here:

    Beautiful Bali

    blog.friday-nite.com 30 Aug '13, 3am

    Posted on August 30, 2013 by WoAi The Pool Apologies for the silence. I’m currently in the Indonesian island of Bali for a work related conference and it’s been non-stop meetings, networking, eating and of course, drinking. The hotel pool – Grand Nikko, Nusa Dua. I spent was only here...

  • I just posted Caturday Appeal, read it here:

    Caturday Appeal

    blog.friday-nite.com 24 Aug '13, 12am

    Posted on August 24, 2013 by WoAi The 3 Whiskerteers So my only Norwegian reader has asked me to help find homes for these 3 lovely kittens, all aged around 3 months. The middle one is called Violet (female) and Christopher is the all black kitten at the back. The cutie at the front d...

  • Hello Mr Harry!

    blog.friday-nite.com 21 Aug '13, 10am

    Firstly, has everyone booked seats for Restaurant Week yet? I’m booked in for Sir Elly’s and Pelham’s. That’s quite enough for me. This isn’t a review as I have yet to try, but I am excited about the opening of Mr Harry , describing itself as serving British cuisine. A quick look at t...

  • The Final Landlord Showdown

    blog.friday-nite.com 20 Aug '13, 5am

    So I moved out on Sunday and if packing everything up wasn’t stressful enough, I had one final unpleasant encounter with the worst landlords I’ve ever come across. I had dreaded this moment from the second I moved in, 4 years ago. It’s always a tense time when you are wondering how mu...

  • Restaurant Week Is Coming

    blog.friday-nite.com 13 Aug '13, 12pm

    I know it doesn’t seem that long ago, but here we are once again. Restaurant Week is from 2nd to 8th September and this year, it looks like there will be 3 rather than 2 price categories for both lunch and dinner bookings. So for dinner, it’s 248 RMB, 168 RMB and 99 RMB, the price bei...

  • Lionel Messi Uses WeChat (Weixin)

    blog.friday-nite.com 16 Jul '13, 12am

    Lionel Messi Uses WeChat (Weixin) Posted on July 16, 2013 by WoAi I don’t think there are many people left in China that aren’t using Weixin (WeChat). It’s like Skype, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp all rolled in to one great app. And it’s spreading slowly to markets outsid...

  • I just posted Oblivious Card Players, read it here:

    Oblivious Card Players

    blog.friday-nite.com 15 Jul '13, 3am

    It’s almost a weekend ritual for me to stop by K11 and grab a Tutti Melon frozen yogurt after brunch. When K11 first opened a few months ago, the place was empty and I felt sorry for the retail outlets and their staff, with nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs. That’s all changed of...