The first, and my favourite, has to be the Mao Shan Wang snowskin mooncake. It has a strong Mao Shan Wang taste, and is also pretty sweet ...


  • Celine

    SO SHE SAYS; 26 Mar '11, 6pm

    My parents, for example, take heart in celebrating their marriage anniversary, even if it’s just taking a short trip to Bintan. Or my dad would surprise my mum at times with sweet gestures like picking her up from work with flowers. These are a perhaps a few things I can gather that k...

  • Let's Talk Beauty: New Skincare Regime!

    Let's Talk Beauty: New Skincare Regime! 17 Apr '13, 12pm

    To begin, I will need to reiterate that everyone's skin has its own set of needs. Some people's skin may be a little more in need of hydration, some may need to focus on spot-removal, some may be dull & tired, or some may have a tad more wrinkles than others. Some also have a combinat...


    KOTEX® BREATHABLE LINERS! 18 Mar '13, 3pm

    Instead of using pantyliners just before and after your period, consider using a KOTEX ® 'S BREATHABLE Fresh Liners very day as part of your morning routine. It's just what you need to help you guard against any discomfort caused by wetness or odour. What's more, you'll barely feel li...

  • CHANEL'S La Montre Première Watch

    CHANEL'S La Montre Première Watch 23 Mar '13, 9am

    "The C HANEL La Montre Première watch was first created in 1987 as the brand's first women's timepiece, modeled after the shape of the N's perfume bottle stopper and the Place Vend ô me. Its newest iteration has a chic bracelet style that's refreshingly modern and is available in stee...

  • Fab Shoes for Everyday!

    Fab Shoes for Everyday! 12 Apr '13, 4am

    gave off lotsa happy vibes cos of the pretty range of shoes and accessories they carry. Love how they had something for everyone! Everything was bright and vibrant and it's definitely a happy place to pick out footwear ;)

  • Let's Talk Beauty: My Skincare Journey 06 May '14, 8am

    Product: Clarisonic Plus Sonic Skin Cleansing for Face & Body E-mail: [email protected] Good evening Miss Velda. :) "WOW" You have the skin that I really want to have since I was 13 y/o. Yes, since 13y/o, when I have the idea of a woman who has whiter and flawless skin. I w...

  • Let's Talk Beauty: An Every Day Get-Up In Less Than 20mins!

    Let's Talk Beauty: An Every Day Get-Up In Less Than 20mins! 31 Mar '13, 11am

    And yep, this is how I get ready in less than 20mins ;D Gotta emphasize how I save a good 5-10minutes not having to worry about how my eyebrows look! If you haven't read about my experience with BROWHAUS' Brow Resurrection 2.5, you can refer to the post here . I've got a number of fri...

  • Let's Talk Beauty: Brow Resurrection Natural & Brow Resurrection Define

    Let's Talk Beauty: Brow Resurrection Natural & Brow Resurrection Define 18 Feb '13, 5am

    offers 2 different styles of Brow Resurrection, Natural and Define. Individual 3D Brow Strands are etched into your skin from root to tip to create a realistic brow look. Brow Resurrection Natural is a finer and lighter version of Brow Resurrection Define. Brow Resurrection Natural al...

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