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Thank you. I have grown so much and discovered so much about myself. I have an interest in acting and am glad to be able to explore that.

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  • V

    adelogy.wordpress.com 11 Sep '11, 9pm

    V: http://t.co/17hfggo 34 minutes ago Taiwan. By the end of this yr I hope. I wanna see my friends! 3 hours ago RT @kohlayling : Singapore airport immigration system rocksss! 3 hours ago RT @yuyanchua : The only way people can treat you like shit is if you let them. 4 hours ago

  • 盛开而为我而凋谢

    adelogy.wordpress.com 23 Sep '11, 8pm

    should be sleeping but Angela's too awesome just want to keep listening to her: http://t.co/CsiFP8KK 3 hours ago A friend shared this with me. So cute! Tempted to visit e cafe. http://t.co/Lsvt99Ue 9 hours ago RT @kooxy14887 : You know I cant smile without you. This is cute! @adelogy ...

  • Talking to the moon

    adelogy.wordpress.com 22 Sep '11, 4pm

    RT @Lord_Voldemort7 : Happy Birthday to Tom Felton. I think I know what he might want for a present... http://t.co/n0bH9e4q 5 hours ago F1~~~~~ 6 hours ago RT @adelogyworld : Our first adelogyworld members meet up details is up in our website!Do check it out 6 hours ago When it come...

  • Oops I did it again

    adelogy.wordpress.com 07 Oct '11, 7pm

    Back then I was younger and not too aware of the music industry. The only thing I remembered about this performance, then, was the outfit. Now, I think she is a born entertainer. Who cares if she lip-scyncs? Her entertainment value is enough to override everything. I look forward to t...

  • Teachers’ Day Special «

    adelogy.wordpress.com 30 Aug '11, 6pm

    Look out for the Teachers’ Day Special on the 2nd of September. It was my first time doing an ‘interview’ sort of thing. A great experience! First, check this out! Hahaha. I slowed down on my speaking huh! Advertisement Like this: Like Be the first to like this post.

  • Celebrate Life

    adelogy.wordpress.com 20 Sep '11, 10pm

    After I collected my ‘A’ Level results, I had my sights set on two courses. One of which I did not pursue as I was not comfortable with the idea of living away from my family for a long period of time. The other course, I could not get into, then. So, in a way, my eventual degree is m...

  • My only dream is about you and I

    adelogy.wordpress.com 03 Oct '11, 2pm

    The first time, it was an evolvement, perhaps a once in a lifetime happening. But, fireworks are too enticing. Boats would not matter, if I could fly. And now I hear things. Things that would normally catch me off-guard. Now I think, that’s it? What is real? Being in the know, is tiri...

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  • An announcement:

    adelogy.wordpress.com 20 Jan '13, 4pm

    I have grown so much and discovered so much about myself. I have an interest in acting and am glad to be able to explore that. I learned a lot from everyone I interacted with. Most of all, I am glad for the handful of people I have grown closer to. I know these are the people I will k...


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