19 May '17, 3am

@DennyBurk @KSPrior I've written pretty extensively on the household codes 1.

I cannot overstate the degree to which this remix—in which masters are reminded that they too have a heavenly master—would have been radical in the ancient world. And this is important: Peter and Paul’s use of metaphor (the husband is like Christ, the wife is like the Church, suffering slaves are like the suffering Christ) is not meant to universalize or glorify the household codes themselves but rather the *attitudes* of those functioning within the hierarchal systems of the day . Again, we cannot argue that the Greco-Roman hierarchal relationship between husbands and wives is divinely instituted without arguing the same about the Greco-Roman hierarchal relationship between slaves and masters. (See especially 1 Peter 2:18-23, where Peter provides an extended metaphor comparing slaves to Christ.)

Full article: https://rachelheldevans.com/blog/mutuality-household-codes/


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Furthermore, if you look close enough, you can detect the rumblings of subversion beneath the seemingly acquiescent text. ...