27 Apr '17, 1am

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“Wherever we have the races mixed up in large numbers, we have trouble….These religious liberals are the worst infidels in many ways in the country; and some of them are filling pulpits down South. They do not believe the Bible any longer; so it does not do any good to quote it to them. They have gone over to modernism, and they are leading the white people astray at the same time; and they are leading colored Christians astray. But every good, substantial, Bible-believing, intelligent orthodox Christian can read what the Word of God and know that what is happening in the South now is not of God.” - Bob Jones Sr., in his treatise against integration entitled,

Full article: https://rachelheldevans.com/blog/bible-clear


Rap is the genre that mentions drugs the least, according to a new study:

Rap is the genre that mentions drugs the least,...

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For decades now, critics have accused rap of glorifying misogyny, violence, drug-selling and abuse, and the overall “gangs...