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#PalmSunday in my chair from @rachelheldevans: it's all about imperfection

#PalmSunday in my chair from @rachelheldevans: it's all about imperfection

(Note: This post was originally published March 29, 2010. I'm just as stressed out this year as I was last year!) The symbolism is beautiful. The tradition of folding a palm frond into the shape of a cross powerfully illustrates the kingdom message of Jesus, as a symbol of royalty becomes a symbol of sacrifice. This simple action reminds us that the victory of Jesus did not take the shape of forceful triumph, but of humility and that our citizenship in the Kingdom of God demands we do the same. ...Which is why I got really pissed off yesterday when the palm fronds I bought weren’t the ideal size for folding. Dan took one look at the wilting potted palm I brought home from BiLo and said, “I think they needed to be at least 21 inches long.” “Well, if you want to go out in the pouring rain to buy a $40 palm tree, be my guest,” I shot back. I was determined to present a little...

Full article: https://rachelheldevans.com/blog/not-so-holy-holy-week


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