01 Mar '17, 2pm

Calling Your Reps and Planting Onions: A Plan for Faithful Resistance

“Planting onions” has come to signify for me the importance of remaining committed to those slow-growing, long-term investments in my family, my community, and the world, no matter what happens over the next four years. Right now it may seem like an afternoon of changing diapers and wiping noses has little to do with “the resistance,” but raising decent, compassionate kids, and being faithful to the call to love them exactly as they are in exactly this moment, is the good work of the Kingdom, in any age. There have been times when I’ve wondered if all the hours I’m pouring into this next book, a book about the Bible, will be relevant when all anyone’s talking about these days is politics, but then I remember that this is the creative ground I’ve been called to cultivate, so I will trust my Maker with the yield.

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The Resistance Is in Your Backyard

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