20 Jan '17, 8am

Letters to Myla Rae - Your Momma Was a Shortie

I've always carried this sense of guilt, like it's my fault you were born tinier than you should have. And with that came a whole host of worries as well. But you turned 1 not long ago, and you caught up! You caught up!!!! The doctors at your birth said it would take about 1 year to catch up, but when you were past the halfway mark (about 6-7 months old) and your weight, height, head circumference were still NOT EVEN ON THE CHART... I thought you were never going to catch up. Other preemies who were at the hospital with you (some who started smaller than you even) had caught up already. It irked me when other moms would say things like they're worried that their child is only 10th percentile on the charts.... 10th percentile is within normal range, and it's on the chart! You were in the negatives... you didn't even get a percentile!

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