11 Jul '16, 9am

@sillylittlejoe this could easily be me. Tiba2 passport takde. Haha but she wrote it so funny :D

We sat down many times to retrace back Dean’s footsteps since his last time with his passport. We had been traveling so much the past month so we couldn’t really remember which airport experience belonged to which trip. Our last trip was Brunei so we traced back my photos (see, now everyone suddenly likes the annoying person who takes photos of everything) to see what we were wearing and where we headed to right after the airport. I went straight to warehouse from airport and Dean took the ERL to get his car in the basement parking, and drove off to Cyberjaya to give a talk. He had his bag on him the whole time and he was sure the passport was in there. But wait… when we split, did he pass me his passport for safekeeping in my bag? Or did I take it from him after immigration like I sometimes do? Arghhhhhh why don’t we have all the answers!?! Passport where could you be? Di...

Full article: http://www.proudduck.com/2016/07/have-you-seen-my-passport/