07 Jun '16, 3pm

Strobing is a newer-than-contouring highlighter trick.#Salon #Makeup

The solution? Strobing. Strobing is a newer-than-contouring highlighter trick that’s everywhere right now because it’s basically half the work of the contour, without lacking the polished look. The difference between the two is actually pretty simple: strobing is the highlighting half of contouring only . No blending of dark and light or piling on various products. It, as you might imagine when only using highlighter, creates a brighter, more glowing look – think sunkissed and glowing, and even a little dewy. It’s one of those more au natural looks – the kind that appears effortless yet dimensional, and needless to say it’s perfect for spring!

Full article: http://michellephan.com/goodbye-contouring-hello-strobing/