24 May '11, 4pm

@Deadinarcisi и

I have followed your blog from the first few months and never really felt the need to comment before, but after seeing this post, I have to say BRAVO!! The artistry you and Colin have developed over the years is amazing to see. It's no longer just about your charm and great styling, because the posts have begun to tell stories through the incredibly BEAUTIFUL photographs. Congratulations to you and Colin on your success... and thank you for capturing the beauty of patterns, colors, texture, light, shadows, shapes and people in posts like this one.

Full article: http://www.fashiontoast.com/2011/03/milan-photo-diary.html


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fashiontoast.com 24 May '11, 4pm

I read everything! I was so excited about such a long, amazing post. I have so much to say, but I definitely don't want to...