24 May '11, 4pm

nyfw photo diary fw11

I read everything! I was so excited about such a long, amazing post. I have so much to say, but I definitely don't want to spam you with text. I just have to say that the leather dress you wore was PERFECT. Even more PERFECT with that sheer top. I don't know how you can go above perfect, but you always manage to without effort. Random comments: "lol @ Bryan's nip slip." "I'm so showing that photo to Charlotte!" "I simply love your smile. It's beautiful!" "LOVE the high school dance theme. I still have prom to go... so seeing this makes me feel sad I'm about to leave high school." "That Topshop knit sweater has got to be the cutest thing you can wear. I'm serious!" Again, congratulations on the bloglovin' awards. Everyone knew it was coming. Everyone. Knew.

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I have followed your blog from the first few months and never really felt the need to comment before, but after seeing thi...