23 May '11, 12am


simplicity A few photos from this past week...simple pleasures. By Rumi Neely Labels: random I'm reading: simplicity Tweet this! Tweet 10 comments: Lacey said... nice fridge! coconut water, fage, hummus, and almond milk are always in my fridge <3 22.5.11 Cátia said... less is more xoxo http://LotteryHolly.blogspot.com 22.5.11 Christine said... beautiful photos :) http://www.christinebalram.blogspot.com 22.5.11 Helen said... gorgeous pic! But you really need to start posting more!! helen xx 22.5.11 ♥Run With Fashion♥ said... Looove the first 2 pics!! <333 I have fage in my fridge, haven't tated it yet though, and w000t HUMMOS!!! lol <33 22.5.11 Anonymous said... oh I think I drooled on myself. Creme fraiche and watermelon? YES PLEASE. -Nancy 22.5.11 Sizzle and Zoom said... Love the little bracelets and the charcoal tee. 22.5.11 Stella said... love all these little snapshots...

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