16 Mar '16, 3am

Plank Shoulder Raise + Camel Reach

Today's drill: Plank Shoulder Raise + Camel Reach. Anyone notice that crazy lightning at the end? ⚡ #fayfitnesscoach #MyBeautifulActiveLife #homeworkout @adidaswomen A video posted by Fay Hokulani | Fitness Coach (@fayhokulani) on Sep 10, 2015 at 5:15am PDT

Full article: http://www.withlovefay.com/2015/09/plank-shoulder-raise-c...


Bear Footwork x Low Plank Hydrant Kick

withlovefay.com 15 Mar '16, 9am

These moves target the core and legs. Burn baby burn! Bear Footwork x Low Plank Hydrant Kick #tookmeagestocomeupwiththesen...

Push Off Ninja Jump

withlovefay.com 16 Mar '16, 3am

Push Off to Ninja Jump. A killer combo move that works the legs, core, chest and arms. #fayfitnesscoach #wishediwasaninja ...

Half Moon Squat

withlovefay.com 16 Mar '16, 3am

I felt like doing yoga and HITT and dance… Then this song came on, and it made me groove to this new move: Half Moon Squat...

Modified Chair Pose

withlovefay.com 16 Mar '16, 3am

Still groovin' to #TwerkItLikeMiley in a modified chair pose…. Quads are burning right now