Who says Singaporeans are all strawberry shortcake?

Who says Singaporeans are all strawberry shortcake?

Have you ever met a person who seems so wise despite not being very old? Ever felt amazed at how someone younger than you is doing so much with his life and career? Well, I most certainly have. Andrew Tang is one such inspiring individual. At 25, he has been running the Red House coffeeshop located at 236 Upper Thomson Road for over 2 years now. And some of the things he says and does will have you wondering what this young man has experienced in life in order to make him so wise beyond his years.

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E-identity cards for all Singaporeans on the cards

straitstimes.com 16 Mar '16, 12am

Singaporeans could each, in future, be issued with an e-identity card (e-IC) that can be used for all online transactions,...