15 Mar '16, 9am

Toe Tap x Assassin Kick x Sumo Chop

Sculpt your legs and trim your waist with these moves: Toe Tap x Assassin Kick x Sumo Chop. Hold a pair of light dumbbells to add intensity. My legs feel like Jell-O now. . . #MyBeautifulActiveLife #adidaswomen #homeworkout #fayfitnesscoach

Full article: http://www.withlovefay.com/2015/03/toe-tap-x-assassin-kic...


Bear Footwork x Low Plank Hydrant Kick

withlovefay.com 15 Mar '16, 9am

These moves target the core and legs. Burn baby burn! Bear Footwork x Low Plank Hydrant Kick #tookmeagestocomeupwiththesen...

Donkey Kick Cross

withlovefay.com 15 Mar '16, 6am

Working the core and buns with my version of this exercise: Donkey Kick Cross. You'll need a bit of flexibility to pull th...

Reverse Lunge Heel Tap

withlovefay.com 15 Mar '16, 10am

Reverse Lunge Heel Tap. Provides a good stretch for the hip flexors…. I recommend doing these if you've been sitting too l...

Dumbbell Halo Chop Lunges

withlovefay.com 15 Mar '16, 6am

Move of the day: DB Halo Chop Lunges Start with a 3kg dumbbell (DB) and do 6 reps (forward lunge + reverse lunge count as ...

Everest Climber + Crab Kick

withlovefay.com 16 Mar '16, 3am

Evening crunch: Everest Climbers + Crab Kicks

Mountain Buttkicks

withlovefay.com 15 Mar '16, 9am

Kicking my own ass with this warm-up move I like to call Mountain Butt(kicks). #MyBeautifulActiveLife #adidaswomen #fayfit...

The Heads Up on the Toe Up

mygolfspy.com 22 Mar '16, 11am

Being comfortable with the overall design should encourage golfers to focus on the feel of the torque balanced stroke, fre...

Squad X aims to integrate & improve physical/EM/cyber capabilities for dismounted #infantry

Squad X aims to integrate & improve physical/EM...

darpa.mil 15 Mar '16, 7pm

Modern military engagements increasingly take place in complex and uncertain battlefield conditions where attacks can come...