15 Mar '16, 10am

Reverse Lunge Heel Tap

Reverse Lunge Heel Tap. Provides a good stretch for the hip flexors…. I recommend doing these if you've been sitting too long today! #fayfitnesscoach #MyBeautifulActiveLife @adidaswomen

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Dive Bomber Push-up to Reverse Chaturanga

withlovefay.com 15 Mar '16, 10am

Dive Bomber Push-up to Reverse Chaturanga heavily works the shoulders, core and chest while elongation your spine and stre...

Toe Tap x Assassin Kick x Sumo Chop

withlovefay.com 15 Mar '16, 9am

Sculpt your legs and trim your waist with these moves: Toe Tap x Assassin Kick x Sumo Chop. Hold a pair of light dumbbells...

Strength Moves for Runners: the Lunge

anothermotherrunner.com 15 Mar '16, 5am

! The certified personal trainer is serving up a series of strength moves for runners to help power every stride. Angie's ...

Mountain Buttkicks

withlovefay.com 15 Mar '16, 9am

Kicking my own ass with this warm-up move I like to call Mountain Butt(kicks). #MyBeautifulActiveLife #adidaswomen #fayfit...

Working On My Inversions Today…

withlovefay.com 15 Mar '16, 5am

Working on my inversions today

Dumbbell Halo Chop Lunges

withlovefay.com 15 Mar '16, 6am

Move of the day: DB Halo Chop Lunges Start with a 3kg dumbbell (DB) and do 6 reps (forward lunge + reverse lunge count as ...