25 Jan '16, 11am

ViewQwest and Chill

Do you also hate going into a website to find out that the site is only limited to a certain region? Well, those days are over. This is what I am most excited about when I got my ViewQwest bundle. Besides broadband, the bundle also came with Freedom VPN! The VPN service is totally god-sent; Netflix and Hulu from USA, PPTV from China and many other entertainment sites that used to be limited are now free for us to explore and I really cannot be happier. I gotta say, I really love Freedom VPN! If you are a movie buff or drama addict, then the small fee to pay to get all the overseas streaming content you want is absolutely well worth it.

Full article: http://sixpegs.com/2016/01/11/viewqwest-and-chill/


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