24 Jan '16, 8am

Honestly, I don't get the love that people have for socks :The Guide to Sox Coordinate: by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

IKR!!! It used to be the ultimate fashion faux pas, but i guess there’s really no such thing as wrong fashion. Just personal taste. I personally loooove sox with sandals (not to mention it was crazily trending in Japan for a long while in summer. Actually, it was trending well into autumn because sandals were the biggest things and the Japanese had to wear sox to warm their feet lolol) because… i mean, how else can you make boring sandals look pretty?

Full article: http://cheeserland.com/2016/01/sox-coordinate/


【節分(福聚の舞)】2月3日 台東区浅草2-3-1 浅草寺 https://t.co/TOPB...

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