11 May '11, 1pm

Foster The People weekend & more CNY outfits!!

Foster The People weekend & more CNY outfits!!

We're officially married!!!!!!! and had such a blast at the wedding ;) Here are some pictures of the day i stole from Aunty Jo, Jie & Ginny. heh My gorgeous bridesmaids & Bryan's bestmen. Team Love, Bonito! Have got SO much to blog about, and even more people to thank. Before i get down to doing a proper post about it, here's a video of the wedding day highlights! Was so touched & overwhelmed by the atmosphere & love of my family, friends & Bryan that i cried all the way down the aisle.. Nothing like having my loved ones celebrate with me :) The sweetest photographer, Narmit who took our pre-wedding shoot in Singapore & compiled it into a video for us.

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Wedding day highlights in pictures & videos:

ms-rach.livejournal.com 11 May '11, 10am

Congrats again rach!!! I also close to tears! such a blessed amazing day!!! You been a joy to people and rmber your smiles...

Wedding Dinner Highlights in videos & pictures:

ms-rach.livejournal.com 16 May '11, 6am

Time flies.. it's been a week! The dinner was sooo much fun and we all had a blast ;) Food was reallyreallyreally good & w...

Such a beauty and fun wedding:

ms-rach.livejournal.com 16 May '11, 9am

I totally in love with march in performance.It is a very memorable wedding u got there..Perfect ideal wedding.. May u and ...

Love these shorts!

fashiontoast.com 19 May '11, 12am

(Zara knit, J Brand 10" jeans , Mr. Kate necklace, Theory bag, Dolce and Gabbana wedges) It suddenly got so "cold" the pas...

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Everyone is beautiful! New Heart 2 Heart up:

frmheadtotoe.com 15 May '11, 2am

Obviously, I still struggle with a lot of acne and skin issues and my skin is actually worse at the moment than when I did...