10 May '11, 11am

Naomi is Sick

Contact me at [email protected] Respect my blog, bcos its not urs love me,hate me,u decide. watever u say doesn't matter i have an attitude but who cares Beware of Imposters !! I loves some pop/rock songs, especially dishwalla-angels or devilsand coldplay songs too I loves jap old songs. Like Globe, TRF, Tomomi kahala .. etc Those on my DJ BEAR BEAR ! Some of the songs are 10yrs old. But i still love all of them ! To those imposters/fakers ! Please have your own style! And stop copy me. What's the point of using people's photos? Beware to those at Friendster,Facebook,Who lives near you, Tagged ! I only have 1 friendster and facebook account. Please do not add them ! Thank you !

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