07 May '11, 7pm

orange crush

I own the exact same dress; it's increddible...I adore the veil and the colour is divine; i adore the graduation of tones and seas of such shades of orange i haven't come across yet...I decidely choose to take my blog pics at the sea because there was some sort of etheral connection between the sea and the entire sandy setting; it told a story. Okay, enough of my rambles...Check out my blog to see the results! X Neda X http://stylemontage-neda.blogspot.com/

Full article: http://www.fashiontoast.com/2011/05/orange-crush.html


Juicy Orange Lips blog posted! MWAH

Juicy Orange Lips blog posted! MWAH

frmheadtotoe.com 19 May '11, 2am

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