07 May '11, 12pm

ponytail inspiration via russh | fashiontoast

image d is my hair when i wake up in the morning after falling asleep with my hair in a bun! loving how the natural, frazzled look is loved by the industry at the moment! oxo http://picturesofthingsandscarlett.blogspot.com/

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fashiontoast via @rumineely

fashiontoast.com 09 May '11, 9pm

Certain items elicit so many questions that I thought it would be easier to post about a few of them at once. Daily I get ...

fashiontoast via @rumineely

fashiontoast.com 13 May '11, 1am

(NARS Multiple in Copacabana and South Beach, Benefit blush in Ten, Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Lotion, Creme de La Me...

fashiontoast via @rumineely

fashiontoast.com 16 May '11, 8am

Above are my current favorites I’m playing with. Bumble and Bumble’s new texturizing cream is an update to their legendary...

ralph lauren big pony x fashiontoast

fashiontoast.com 08 May '11, 8pm

omg, this is like the most surreal thing ever, you're in a Ralph Lauren ad, how amazing is that?!!? Alywas wondered what C...