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..:Blogged!*::. - The Hossan Leong Show!

..:Blogged!*::. - The Hossan Leong Show!

2 October 2010 The Hossan Leong Show. He's truly a very very talented guy. No photo taking allowed! BUT for the sake of my dear blog & readers, i managed to sneak a few! Till then!! <3 I know my blog is really really back-dated now! For real-time updates, please follow my twitter instead! www.twitter.com/michellequek and for any questions, please comment at www.formspring.me/michellequek Its much convenient for me to reply via formspring. :) ♥ 11:49 PM 64 Views 0 eProps 0 Comments

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XOXOHO Advertorial blogged

XOXOHO Advertorial blogged

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Ms Kopisoh.She is my best girlfriend.Though I may not be her best friend, her laughters & jokes make me happy. She's like ...

the @mrbrown show podcast: gee ahruh see: #sgelections

the @mrbrown show podcast: gee ahruh see: #sgel...

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« the mrbrown show: politician training school the mrbrown show: gee ahruh see Gee, almost all of us will get to vote. Wha...