13 Jul '15, 9am

Ohsofickle: :')

I have so so much to say and want to share but can't. But all I can say is I'm so truly blessed right now I cannot be any more thankful for the things happening to me and the people around me. Thank God for putting his angels around me, all the people I love - the people who matter most. Life just keeps getting better and better and things just go so smoothly without to stress and much worries at all recently. Maybe because I have really been trying my best to always be positive that's why things are going in that direction! This little family I have has made me so much better in so many ways...and I'm way happier as compared to before this family came around! Gone are the days I feel "lonely". Even though Number 2 will tire me out, I look forward to more fun and joy she will bring to this Home. It's been a good year so far and although I know how life is full of ups and d...

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