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July 3, 2015 in Commercial Break / Useless fashion As i grow more mature especially as a mom now, i am finding myself slowly outgrowing street accessories and fast fashion, and more towards quality and items that hold a significance to me. For example a simple T shirt that reminds me of the fun time from a distant resort holiday… or a precious pair of rings for an anniversary. It’s really weird to say so, but i want to treat each of my fashion item with love, and cherish them as long as i can. agete (pronounced agatto) is one of these brands that gives you that kind of feeling. Most of you may not have heard of agete before, but in Japan, it is one of the most popular fashion jewelry brands, with 80 stores across Japan and 15 overseas. I came to know agete myself when i was shopping for my wedding rings back in 2012. I stumbled upon their flagship store in Aoyama while str...

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Tokyo Coordinate 2015 Summer

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Other than the few outings we had, it was mostly just a trip to the mall next door or combini downstairs so some of them w...


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June 18, 2015 in Commercial Break I always thought that i would be confined mostly at home once i start a family, but rece...