18 May '15, 5pm

Schedule. Define. Organize.

Schedule. Define. Organize.

Staying on task can be hard for anyone. No matter how together you think you are, there are few of us who don’t suffer from procrastination or calendar management mishaps. It can be even more difficult to push past these issues when we have multiple projects to juggle or a schedule that would make your heart race. Our generation often fills its plate to the brim, so how do we make sure that we’re effectively managing each project? These tips will help you push past panic and be ready for anything. Schedule I can’t tell you what I would do without my calendar. Yes, things can still go amiss, but not when I account for my meetings and project deadlines by saving them in multiple places. Ensure that you will remember each step of a project or appointment by keeping the event in a digital calendar (Google Calendar is my life) that is always accessible. Write it down as well. S...

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Fit these in to your Memorial Day plans:

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They say it's the thought that counts. Give your Mama something special that you took the time to hand make :) Good Luck b...

Vuln to sqli

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Hacklet 47 – Thermal Imaging Projects

Hacklet 47 – Thermal Imaging Projects

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Thermal imaging is the science of converting the heat signature of objects to an image visible to humans. Everything above...