20 Apr '15, 3pm

Nagasaki with Junya (I)

I am just so thankful we made it. Nagasaki is not a place you could go everyday. At least not from Malaysia. It’s a good two hours flight from Tokyo and the tickets are steeeeeeep. But we know that we want to go back as often as we could afford. I love the city to bits. And to see a person as silent as Jiji beaming non stop just looking at his grandson, it was all worth it.

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Nagasaki with Junya (II)

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Aaaah champon is my favorite ramen!!! (although Hokkaido miso butter corn ramen is a good contender) Kyushu was one of the...

Nagasaki with Junya (II)

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Ya, I remember you told me before that the ramen is good… but garlic paste… err, I’m not a big fan… I hope they have other...

Junya’s first date

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To cut the story short (long story is on the link above), Junya and Anna was born on the exact same day, so their mommies ...

Mount Unzen, Nagasaki

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I’ve been your reader for a few years now, this is my first comment as I just had an impulse to let you know that you’re a...