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Updated Blog: TGIF: Colour Blocking #Fashion #TGIF

Updated Blog: TGIF: Colour Blocking #Fashion #TGIF

In this look Wendy had done her colour blocking based on cool colours only. The basics of fashion you need to know which colour belongs to which category. Although, there's no right or wrong in Fashion, but there are certain colours pairing them up together would makes you look slightly bigger or slimmer. Just one rule to remember to pair warm colours with warm colours only and cool colours together with cool colours only. Then safe as the colours won't clash. By knowing the basics of colour, creating a look of colour blocking would be easy and making the entire look stand out instead of making you dull. I'll be sharing some basics of colours and their categories, including what's warm colour and cool colours in the next post. Hope it will help you on pulling a look together with different colours combining together. :)

Full article: http://www.shannonchow.com/2012/04/tgif-colour-blocking.html


Here's some of what will be in our glass this weekend: What will be in yours? #TGIF

Here's some of what will be in our glass this w...

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blog blog blogged

blog blog blogged

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