27 Nov '14, 1pm

Misfits and Cheesesteaks (and a book giveaway!)

Am I the only one who automatically thinks of The Island of Misfit Toys when they hear the word “misfit”? Little toys that aren’t quite right, the ones that no one would want to play with. The outcasts, the rejects, the ones who didn’t belong anywhere. I’ve often felt like I belong on that island. When God gives me crazy dreams that seem way too big for this small town gal, when my accomplishments don’t seem to measure up to those around me. When I look at what she’s doing, wearing, writing, and I feel like a polka-dotted elephant in the middle of a sea of perfectly created toys. When I was in college the church I belonged to did a beautiful ministry. They opened their doors to the homeless in the area, for a warm place to sleep, a shower, meals. And they introduced them and their stories to the youth in the church with grace and dignity. We listened to their hearts and th...

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