15 Oct '14, 5am

[New blog post] #WomanlyWednesday: Watermelon and Pineapple nail art!

[New blog post] #WomanlyWednesday: Watermelon and Pineapple nail art!

I visited Milly's a month ago and wanted red nails. I had thought of a few nail designs but decided on watermelon nails! For my accent nails, I wanted something different! I decided on pineapple nails. The end results were fantastic!

Full article: http://www.nadnut.com/fruity-nail-art-watermelon-and-pine...


#Watermelon jelly on #toast by @ecurry sounds like the perfect way to start a chilly morning:

#Watermelon jelly on #toast by @ecurry sounds l...

ecurry.com 15 Oct '14, 12am

I am going through a jam/jelly/preserve making spree right now. Last week I made some strawberry preserve which was just a...

Hail the nail @frmheadtotoe

Hail the nail @frmheadtotoe

frmheadtotoe.com 25 Oct '14, 1am

When it comes to tv, there are a couple of things that completely draw me in. First is a great fierce competition and seco...