28 Aug '14, 4am

[New blog post] #ThursdaysTravels: Museums in #Amsterdam

[New blog post] #ThursdaysTravels: Museums in #Amsterdam

There are really many museums to visit and my personal favourite was the Van Goth Museum in Amsterdam. Take a look and slowly research on the preferred museums. Unless you purchase an express pass/queue ticket, most of the time you'll have to queue for quite a bit to get in.

Full article: http://www.nadnut.com/museums-in-amsterdam/


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nadnut.com 04 Sep '14, 4am

have a different meaning as compared to Singapore. In Amsterdam, Coffee Shops are places where one can buy and consume wee...

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velvetescape.com 05 Sep '14, 11am

Every kid that goes to school in Belgium will visit the Gallo-Roman Museum (Gallo-Romeins Museum ) in Tongeren at least on...