23 Jul '14, 12pm

これめっちゃ有名な人じゃん ニコニコでもレディガガとかセーラームーンとか初音ミクメイクのメイキング転載されてたやつ。

October Tricks: Lady Gaga Tutorials Posted by Michelle Phan on October 10, 2011 at 5:45 am Hi everyone, If you’re thinking of being Lady Gaga for Halloween this year, here are my instructions for how to achieve two different Gaga looks: her “Bad Romance” video look, and her “Poker Face” hair, makeup, and accessories. Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” Look: For the dress for this look, I went to a party store and bought a clear tablecloth. Then, I cut out a dress pattern from the tablecloth and glued it together – super easy! Lady Gaga “Poker Face” Look: You can find the gloves I used for this tutorial HERE , and a blonde wig at most costume shops. It is Lady Gaga after all, though, so get creative with these costumes! Happy Monday! <3 Mish

Full article: http://michellephan.com/october-tricks-lady-gaga-tutorials/