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According to J.R. Briggs, “the elephant in the room for pastors is that many of us are afraid of failure, and we don’t feel as though there are safe spaces to talk openly about it.” Which is why J.R. organized the Epic Fail Pastors Conference and why he authored one of the most important books I’ve read this summer, Fail: Finding Hope and Grace in the Midst of Ministry Failure. J.R. serves as Cultural Cultivator of The Renew Community a Jesus community for skeptics and dreamers in Lansdale, PA. He is the founder of Kairos Partnerships an initiative that partners with leaders, pastors and church planters during significant kairos moments in ministry. As part of his time with Kairos Partnerships, he serves on staff with The Ecclesia Network and Fresh Expressions U.S. and coaches leaders, pastors and church planters across the country. I’ve long admired J.R.’s take on ministr...

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Nick Willis

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<iframe title="Nick Willis after achieving his lifetime goal" width="480" height="270" src="http://www.flotrack.org/embed/...

Thai-built BMW F 800 R and F 800 GS – RM64k-77k

Thai-built BMW F 800 R and F 800 GS – RM64k-77k

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Like the F 800 R, three exterior colours are available for the F 800 GS, these being Alpine White, Dynamic Cordoba Blue an...

gestern im taxi - 3 word language

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Fahrgäste unter sich: “And you are from Spain?” “Italy.” “Oh! Italy! Your German sounds so good …” “I just said 3 words …”...