24 Apr '14, 4pm

Swollen Nose?

"WHY IS MY NOSE SO HUGE DURING PREGNANCY?!" I'm not sure if other pregnant women faced the same issue but I AM FACING IT RIGHT NOW! However, i have problem, i am not sure if my rhinoplasty (it isn't an implant, it is ear cartilage + dermis graft) was a fail and it is the cause of it looking way bigger than my pre-surgery nose or if it's swollen from the pregnancy. I realized how much i love my pre-surgery nose now!!! Everyday, i look in the mirror and it can get depressing when i focus on how my nose looks like now - IT IS BULBOUS....FO REAL. If i thought my pre-surgery nose was bulbous...this current nose is....URGHHH. Some people think my plastic surgeon didn't do a perfect job and i should redo my nose at the end of the year after i give birth since i can still do a revision for free. If i decided to redo it after i give birth, i will remove the dermis graft done so i c...

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