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JW PLASTIC SURGERY KOREA PART 3 | Agri Velt | Expression of Style

JW PLASTIC SURGERY KOREA PART 3 | Agri Velt | Expression of Style

Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of ‘depression’ after surgery upon looking at the mirror. Chances are, you’d feel this more upon removing your nose cast. It’s really normal because you’re so swollen & you might not feel good about yourself. Especially when you’ve got your nose tip reduced, your nose will look bigger than your previous nose due to the swelling. But as days go by, your mood starts getting uplifted. Waking up is really a process I look forward to each day because my nose just starts taking its shape each day. I really thank everyone at JW Beauty for being so patient with me & Korea for its good weather.

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@scottcarson1957 This is also very good

@scottcarson1957 This is also very good

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