29 Mar '14, 7pm

Cleo Hairmake re-opening

Cleo Hairmake re-opening

Okay who want to buy insurance? Lololol. We pose like this machiam insurance division picture. Gen does look very director-ish here though. Ben gege look very 忠厚老实 here i'd buy from him. LOL. In case you don't know.. EVERYONE of us call every girl 姐姐 and every guy 哥哥 at Cleo Hairmake hahahahahah. I don't know who started this erxin trend (probably me O.O lolol) but everyone stick with it. It's shiokanathan to call Peishi jiejie becox she is so young hahaha. By the way the jiejie and gege must have 翘舌音 and must sound very cheena. Okay. Now you know. Though i wanted everyone to call me QiuQiu chan ^.^V Lolol. Okay lah that's all for the re-opening ^.^ Please call 63385250 to make an appointment. Okay below is a shout out to small business owners / entrepreneurs!

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