27 Feb '14, 1pm

Who is my BF?

It's been awhile but I've yet to really blog about my new boyfriend. Everytime I have a new boyfriend, everyone would know who he is because id post pictures of him all over my social media platforms and my blog posts would be filled with lovey dovey pictures of us. However this time, i didn't do it and I won't be doing it because I wanna keep it private. Many reasons why I choose not to tell the world who he is. Don't ask. I decided to not be so open about my life and not have my entire life known to the public anymore. Just bits and pieces to keep my blog going but it's not going to be like in the past. I've been jotting down happenings my life on my blog for about 8 years (have old blogs too) and I think it's about time I tone down and start leading a more private life. I think it's better for my bf too, he doesn't have to feel weird when people recognize him on the str...

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