14 Feb '14, 10am

cheeserちゃんが小樽に来てくれた時のblogを発見!かわいー!そして小樽に来てくれてありがとう★(^ 人^) グランドパークだ~★なんかうれしい♪

That’s also one of the reasons why i want to stay in Japan. If you want me to choose between Japanese food forever or Malaysian food forever, i’ll gladly give up char kuey teow and hokkien mee for a healthier life.

Full article: http://cheeserland.com/2011/07/grand-park-otaru/


#Vancouver's "Dude Chilling" park is official. @thiscitylifeyvr

#Vancouver's "Dude Chilling" park is official. ...

Photograph by: Jason Payne , PNG Last year, a small park in an emerging hipster Vancouver neighbourhood called Main Street...