18 Dec '11, 4am

Ultra wordy!!!!

Ultra wordy!!!!

I was drunk. And despite the fact I was drunk because I was upset with my bf, when I started puking and felt helpless, I wanted to see him. It's so hard to stay angry at him. It's just so hard. I keep telling myself not to give in. I must stand strong on what I believe in - that once trust is gone, the relationship will just spiral down. At the same time, I also am a person who believes in 2nd chances. So I had to choose... Well, comparing my scenario to many scenarios I heard of, mine is really very minor. Cus I'm extremely sensitive and see a lot of things as "cheating", not necessarily just sleeping around. You people reading this space might not see it but I have very low confidence in myself. I know on my blog I seem like I'm extremely confident and all but nah, I'm really not that confident. I dont know why but there are people who meet me and tell me "i read your bl...

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New blog post! A wordy one. :D

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I actually brought the photos taken during Napbas over here to edit so that I can blog something out while I'm on my annua...