02 Jan '14, 4am

This is hilarious... u never fail making me laugh in ur every post... bhahahahaha.... @vivyyusof

I watched Dean cook and my mouth went into a big O. Where did he learn all this? I really thought it was a simple grill meat kind of thing, but noooo… he took out garlic, butter, thyme, rock salt.. all sorts of fancy things that I bought to make my kitchen look smart. I found out later he spent half hour on youtube earlier searching for top chef’s best steak secrets. What. A. Nerd.

Full article: http://www.proudduck.com/2014/01/mister-chef/


This is a replug from 2 years ago and still stands true till this day :) - 6 Crucial Reasons why New Realtors Fail

This is a replug from 2 years ago and still sta...

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Sneaker Casualties We Should Learn From And Nev...

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The Art of Box Making

The Art of Box Making

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