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Those of you following my tweets already know I did something really drastic yesterday. I did plastic surgery!! And not just namby pamby nonsense - two eye surgeries at once!! That's Lateral Canthoplasty ... Meaning cutting the outer corner of eyes, and Blepharoplasty ... Meaning cutting double eyelids (I already have them, just did them higher). Went to Malaysia to do it coz my friend (let's call her A) also did it and the results are nice!! Plus the each procedure is only freaking 1.8k RINGGIT. Meaning altogether I spent like 1.6k SGD only!! WTF so cheap. Not sharing where I did it so don't ask. Actually I also don't know where it is coz I just followed A to the clinic. The doctor is from China and he does like a LOT of surgeries a day lah. Everything there is so casual. They had a consultation with me for like 5 mins (speak Chinese only), during which the doctor was lik...

Full article: http://xiaxue.blogspot.com/2010/06/lateral-canthoplasty-b...


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I wrote this just for keeps, so it's not interestingly written, but if you guys are interested to know how the surgery wen...

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Carré Pain d’Epices Now Available In Singapore

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