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Blogged! The weirdos I dated. Just weirdos, haven't come to the assholes part yet wtf. Feel free to read!

The thought of me being with a bunch of ancient spirits under the same roof kinda makes my hair stands. And makes me never want to visit a temple again. But the story gets freakier. One time when he walked me up to my apartment, he glanced at the corridor and made the same expression he did at the temple. Dude, we were right in front of my house and he was trying to scare me with that I-see-a-ghost story again right at my door step?! NOT COOL! I still had years to spend here before moving out! He asked if there was ever a suicide or murder or something 2 units away because he saw some spirits lingering outside that house not wanting to leave. WHAT THE FUCK! I don’t know and I don’t fcking want to know if someone killed himself or killed the entire family 2 units away! Jeez. Seriously, how would you feel if your boyfriend tells you that there are ghosts watching you from 2 ...

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@salviahah WTF PETE JUST WTF.

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Tue Oct 22 2013 Sometimes you guys are really funny sometimes.

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Oh it has been a long while since we blogged :( I don't know what i have been busy with this October but it sure feels lik...