18 Oct '13, 12pm

The Wedding Gate Crash!

The Wedding Gate Crash!

I can't believe it's already been 2 months since the wedding. Where has all the time gone? I spent hours watching the footage and it's been so awesome. I know you guys must be getting SO fed up with all the wedding footage. I'll film a 'Tell it all' video of the wedding for you girls just as future reference for inspiration tomorrow =) Let me know if you guys want to watch the long version of the wedding too. I'll probably upload that one to the vlog channel if this is the case but I can totally understand if some of you are getting sick of it lol.

Full article: http://www.bubzbeauty.com/bubbi-likes/475-the-wedding-gat...


Don't miss is! @Blood_Wedding

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Air Jordan V "Wedding"

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The post–Silk Road Bitcoin crash is over

The post–Silk Road Bitcoin crash is over

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