13 Feb '11, 8am

New post! Vintage Make Up Tutorial

New post! Vintage Make Up Tutorial

- Everything about the vintage look is matte. Sparkles, shimmer, glitter or anything shiny for that matter, was not part of that era. - Use loose powder over your foundation for a flawless, shine-free complexion. - Eyeliner only goes on the upper eyelids and never on the bottom. - The winged/cat-eye eyeliner should follow your natural lash line and is a smooth curve. It should not look like a tick/check. - Well-drawn and slightly arched eyebrows are an important part of vintage style. - We used a dark pink blush to recreate a bright flush only on the apples of the cheeks. - The bow of the lips is always well-defined in the vintage make up look. - The bottom lip is drawn to look very full and luscious.

Full article: http://dweam.com/2011/02/13/vintage-make-up-tutorial/


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