26 Mar '13, 4pm

pvc + mesh | The Haute Pursuit via @thehautepursuit

pvc + mesh | The Haute Pursuit via @thehautepursuit

PVC, a favorite of many-a basement subcultures is strangely wearable in real life. Sure, you don’t want to walk into Monday’s meeting in a full PVC suit, but paired with something contrastingly subdued like a chunky sweater or boxy jacket , it works. What do you think? I happen to have had this skirt for about a few years now–H&M at its $19.99 finest–and wear it in all sort of social situations ranging from meetings to late nights out. It’s also water and stain repellent. These are like my Docker Stain Defenders! Please google that if you don’t know what I mean. They should create that technology for fashionable clothes, no? Just a thought.

Full article: http://thehautepursuit.com/mesh-pvc/


spotted. from Fridays post. #thehautepursuit #leopard…

spotted. from Fridays post. #thehautepursuit #l...

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The ombre fur coat  @AlexanderWangNY

The ombre fur coat  @AlexanderWangNY

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Unfortunately this was a custom coat, meaning I won’t be able to share a link with you all. It’s almost getting too warm o...

Elven | The Haute Pursuit via @thehautepursuit

Elven | The Haute Pursuit via @thehautepursuit

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new post! wearing a BB jersey is my new thang ft. @zara @style_stalker

new post! wearing a BB jersey is my new thang f...

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, Stylestalker Biker Skirt (sold out, but I like this and this one ), Zara shoes (similar pair in