27 Jul '11, 11pm

fno la

fno la

It was such an honor to be involved as an “LA icon” in the PSA for LA’s Fashion’s Night Out on Friday. Such a fun crew and I got to work with Dimitri James , whose makeup I think I need to experiment some more with. He seriously made my skin look perfect. On my mind right now: how I’m going to survive on juice for the next three days (just started my first Pressed Juicery cleanse), a certain eBay auction, and what to wear for the Nylon party in West Hollywood tonight….

Full article: http://www.fashiontoast.com/2011/07/fno-la.html


@aimeesong Amazing post

songofstyle.blogspot.com 02 Aug '11, 1pm

Gorgeous shots of just you and the beach! I love that white shirt dress xoxo